About Us

Our Story

Blending generations of experience with modern know-how

As lifelong farmers and ranchers, we understand that your end products are only as good as the quality and care you put in. So, when we looked at the ingredients list of the big commercial feed companies, we realized that we really didn’t know what was in their products — or what we were feeding our animals.

So we thought, why not make the same feed Grandpa used to make? It was simple, inexpensive and, most importantly, we knew what was in it.

Now, using the same ingredients and processes that we’ve used for generations, but with a modern facility and upgraded equipment — we produce quality, wholesome animal feed that you can feel good about.

Our Products

Going above and beyond to bring you superior feed

Our Commitment to Non-GMO
In addition to our regular feed mixes, we also have a full range of feeds made from Non-GMO ingredients, and many corn & soy free options as well. These mixes represent a majority of our products, so we will always have a Non-GMO option for your livestock. In any of our products that contain soybean meal or canola oil, we also make sure to use non gmo-varieties of those as well.
Locally Sourced Ingredients

We source our feed ingredients from growers that we know and trust. By building relationships with farmers and suppliers in our area, we are able to ensure reliable, high quality ingredients for our mixes every season. By keeping it local, we are able to reduce shipping costs and pass that savings along to our customers.