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Natural plant-based feeds for poultry & livestock

All of our products , including a line of
corn & soy free non-GMO feeds, are grown
right here in the fertile Pacific Northwest.


Our Products

Simple ingredients. Better feed.

Whole, simple ingredients.
Our feed comes from the whole-food ingredients you find in the fields and is minimally processed for maximum nutrition. We use ingredients like green and yellow peas for protein, wheat and barley for energy and canola, flax and camelina seeds for healthy fats.
Locally sourced from sustainable farms.

We buy the vast majority of our feed ingredients directly from local, sustainable producers. Knowing where the grain comes from makes it easier to ensure product safety and consistency, and helps support local farmers and their families.

Nutritionally balanced feed.

Our feed is nutritionally analyzed and supplemented with a vitamin and mineral pre-mix, to make sure that your animals are getting everything they need to be healthy and happy. It’s where traditional farming practices meet modern agricultural science!

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About Kaniksu Feeds

Founded by farmers & ranchers

We’ve been milling grain from our own fields into wholesome, nutritionally balanced animal feed for generations. Now, Kaniksu Feeds brings these time-tested products to the public. We want everyone to have access to the same wholesome and nutritionally balanced feed that we use on our ranch.

The Kaniksu Feeds Difference

From our farm to yours

We know farming and ranching because that’s what we do, and have done for generations. We understand it from the side of big ag, giving us an upper hand in sourcing ingredients for feed. And we understand the small producer — raising food for their families, to give them not only superior nutrition, but to foster the sense of pride that comes with raising your own livestock. Understanding all sides put us on your side.