About Kaniksu Feeds

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From Fertile Farms In The Pacific Northwest

Kaniksu Feeds, a child of the Pacific Northwest, created from the rich and fertile farm ground stretching from the Golden Triangle for Montana, through the Eastern Washington Palouse, to the Willamette Valley of Oregon to the Snake River Basin of Idaho all the ways to the bountiful Kootenai River Valley. Utilizing crops such as Green and Yellow Peas for plant based protein, Barley and Wheat for energy and oil seeds like Canola, Flax and Camelina for fat, Kaniksu Feeds has created a full line of plant based, natural, Non-GMO, sustainable, reliable, and nutritious feeds.

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Founded by Farmers and Ranchers

Founded by Farmers and Ranchers that know and understand agriculture on both the big scale and smaller scale, we decided to develop a feed that was safe and simple yet complete, minimally processed, sustainable and honest. Knowing the side of “big agriculture” gives use an upper hand in sourcing ingredients for feed. We buy the vast majority of our feed ingredients directly from the farms that grew the crops. Knowing "small agricultural" we understand the side of the small producer that is raising food for their families, not so much because it is cheaper than buying it at the supermarket, but because we want our children to be healthy and to give them pride in their accomplishments. Now the last thing we want to do is spoil our efforts with inferior feed.

Sourcing our ingredients locally, we know where the grain comes from and we can ensure to our customers that the feed is safe and consistent. We only buy the raw ingredients for our feed from farmers that practice sustainable farming. As an added safety measure we test our ingredients for any commercial herbicide residue before ever putting it in the feed.

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Generations of Experience

As we are farmers and ranchers ourselves, we understand the livestock side well too. Using the grain out of our own fields to mill feed for our own animals for generations, we have decided to bring that knowledge to a new generation beyond the family farm. Looking at the feed tags of the big commercial feed companies we realized that we really didn’t know what was in the feed, so we came up with the idea of, "Why not make the same feed Grandpa made?". It was simple and inexpensive, we knew what was in it, the animals did excellent and Grandma and Grandpa ate nothing but farm raised food and they are still alive and well at 90 years old.

So, using the same ingredients and processes that have been proven for generations (with a slightly newer facility and equipment) we are now offering good wholesome feed that we are sure your animals will love. We should mention that we do make sure that the feed is nutritionally balanced by a nutritionist and add a vitamin and mineral premix to the feed to keep the animals as healthy as possible (a resource that wasn’t readily available back in the day).